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 Missing bag

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PostSubject: Missing bag   Tue Jun 25, 2013 2:55 pm

Got this from a guy on the Dday forum.  Any clues?

Hello Posey,

  I'm Daniel "Shotgun" Neeley from the 1st ID. I'm missing a solid green medium-sized duffel bag with my initials "JDN" in large white letters. I placed it in the Omaha Beach Battleship Saturday afternoon at about 1:00pm. Our unit had to move up and down the valley and back to Colleville. By the time I returned to retrieve my bag from the DZ around 4:00pm, the entire battleship was cleaned out and my bag missing. I've checked in with DDAP and they have not had anything turned in. I'm checking now with all the allied units that might've used the battleship as a DZ to get any leads. I hope it was just picked up by someone believing it belonged to a member of their unit. 

<S> ShtGn

Brigadier General Posey
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PostSubject: Re: Missing bag   Wed Jul 03, 2013 2:11 pm

Posey: When I was packing the trailer, there was a small to med. duffel bag on the ground, next to the trailor. I didn't pick it up. But Mathew, Cecel's grandson did. I didn't see any markings on it, but didn't have any direct interaction with it. It was empty and seamed it hadn't been there the rest of the week...8D
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Missing bag
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